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Common sense would tell you that putting a cheetah and a dog together is a bad idea, but the Cincinnati Zoo does not have time for logic. And thank Santa for that, because this video of Savanna the cheetah and Max the dog running around in the snow together is too adorable for words.

Don't let the screengrab above fool you; Savanna is not hunting down Max. Instead, they are playing a rousing game of chase the crap out of each other. What is it about the snow that turns the cuteness level of animals, even wild and dangerous ones, up to 11?

The best part about the video is when Max thinks he can outrun a freakin' cheetah. No, wait. The best part is when the chasing turns into an intense game of hide and seek. OK, the whole damn video is the best and it reminds us about the fun we used to have in the snow when we were younger. But then we grew up. And now we fear the snow.

Stay in that magical place of no snow fear, Savanna and Max. We salute you.

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