Billy on the Street, Amy Poehler

If you can get through this video of Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner harassing New Yorkers to sing Christmas carols with them and not laugh, then it is a Christmas miracle. And by miracle, we mean travesty. You have no soul. 

Every time we think Amy Poehler couldn't get any more amazing, something glorious like this comes along:

As Carrie Underwood once said, these are a few of our favorite things: 

1. Amy: "We do the jokes! WE DO THE JOKES!" Billy: "Get out of here, Jeff Dunham!"

2. Billy to baby: "What's his name?" "Arrow." "Arrow?! No. Not dealing with that bulls--t name."

3. Fernando.

4. "He's a Hasidic Jew! He didn't want to sing about Jesus. Hanukkah's over, babe. Deal with it!" 

5. More Craig on Parks and Recreation! And bring back Tynnyfer while you're at it!

6. And the only GIF you will ever need:

Parks and Rec GIF
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