Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio

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Well, this is a very handsome guys' night out.

Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted partying at New York City hot spot 1 Oak on Tuesday, Dec. 10, a source confirms to E! News.

The eyewitness reveals that the A-list actors came in at around 2 a.m. with a group of guys, and left at around 4 a.m. with the same posse.

"It looked like a normal guys' night out," an eyewitness tells E! News. "Leo and Orlando were having a great time together with some of their guy friends, hanging at a table close to the DJ booth and enjoying T.I. and Paul Wall's performances."

The Wolf of Wall Street star stayed close to his friends and wasn't seen mingling with anyone else.

As for reports that the good-looking duo was surrounded by "30 insanely hot women," the source says that they did not see the A-listers with that type of crowd.

Now, of course, that isn't to say they didn't spend time with some gorgeous ladies. After all, both men do have a tendency to be in relationships with supermodels.

DiCaprio recently enjoyed a dinner with Bloom's ex, Miranda Kerr, and a group of friends, including Swizz Beatz, in Las Vegas.

"They looked like they were having a great time," a source tells E! News of Kerr and DiCaprio, who weren't acting flirty in any way. "They came with a bunch of friends and were overheard talking about going out the night before."

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