Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke

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Practically perfect in every way!

Mary Poppins costars Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke reunited Monday, Dec. 9, at the L.A. premiere of Saving Mr. Banks. The pair, who starred in the 1964 movie based on P.L. Travers' books, posed happily alongside Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, Colin Farrell and the rest of the Saving Mr. Banks cast.

In Saving Mr. Banks, Thompson plays Travers and Hanks portrays Walt Disney. The film follows the negotiations that needed to happen in order for Disney to secure the rights to make Mary Poppins into the film Andrews and Van Dyke would later star in.

Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, Emma Thompson, Tom Hank

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

At a BAFTA event last month, Thompson admitted those working on the film "were all surprised that Disney had let us make it in the first place." The Mary Poppins author is often portrayed in a harsh light in Saving Mr. Banks, but as Thompson told Collider, it was interesting to play a character who isn't "so bloody polite, all the time…"

"I think, quite a lot of the time, we act in conflict with what we really feel," she explained. "In films, we often get to play people who are emotionally, or at least morally, consistent, in some way, and [Travers] wasn't consistent, in any way. You would not know what you would get, from one moment to the next."

"She went everywhere, so she was like going into a maze," said Thompson. "Around some corners, you'd find this terrible monster. And around other corners, you'd find a beaten child. She was the most extraordinary combination of things."


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