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    Shirtless Will Smith Shows Off Six-Pack Abs and Buff Arms on Island Excursion in Argentina

    Will Smith, Shirtless Ramey Photo

    Like wife, like husband.

    Will Smith's worked-out physique was on full display last Friday during an excursion with a group that may have included cast and crew members from his latest film, Focus, to an island off the coast of Buenos Aires. The movie has been shooting in Argentina.

    Smith and nearly a dozen others were photographed taking a chartered boat to Isla El Descanso, where it looked as if they—judging by the hand-holding—engaged in some type of trust game, like the team-building exercises that are popular on corporate retreats.

    Then again, they also could have been just messing around on giant iron sculptures that looked like chairs with tiny seats and sky-high backs.

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    Will Smith, Shirtless Ramey Photo

    But can we get back to Smith's abs for a moment?

    The 45-year-old I Am Legend star showed off a rock-solid-looking torso in addition to arms that seemingly haven't been this buff since he played Muhammad Ali.

    But theoretically, if you're married to Jada Pinkett Smith, you'd probably be wise to stay in shape.

    The 42-year old mother of two left a killer rear view in her wake while wearing a thong bikini on the beach in Hawaii over Thanksgiving weekend.

    Will Smith, Shirtless Ramey Photo

    During his break from work, the shirtless Smith was photographed snapping his own souvenir pic of a huge wooden carving boasting the phrase "tenemos el poder de elegir" (translation: "we have the power to choose").

    Smith apparently chooses lean proteins and regular gym visits.

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