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    Rebecca Black Releases New Song "Saturday"—So Is It Better or Worse Than "Friday"?

    Rebecca Black sure has a thing for the weekend!

    Two and a half years after releasing her breakout YouTube music video for the song "Friday," the now 16-year-old is back with her latest jam titled "Saturday" (seriously!).

    In the vid, Black wakes up from a wild house party that she can barely remember (where are these teenagers' parents?).

    "2 p.m. getting out of my bed/ trying to get Friday out of my head," Black sings. "It's all so hazy, got s little too crazy/ You know I'd do it all again/ Call everyone you know/ Turn up the radio/ 'Cause this is our song, we can do no wrong/ Are you ready? Are you ready to go?"

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    Rebecca Black, Saturday

    She croons, "This Saturday we gonna party all night/ One we will remember for the rest of our lives/ This Saturday we gonna do it bigger than we ever have before/I don't want this Saturday to end/ I don't want this Saturday to end/ I don't want this Saturday to end."

    Black teamed up with fellow YouTube sensation Dave Days for the song. The duo previously released a duet cover of Rihanna's "Stay" earlier this year.

    "Saturday" has a ways to go to catch up with "Friday," which has almost 62 million views on YouTube to date. Black tweeted yesterday, "i cant believe we're almost at 7.5 MILLION VIEWS in just over 36 hours!!! NOT EVEN 2 DAYS WHAT IS HAPPENIIIIIIIINNGG."

    So is "Saturday" as good as "Friday"? Listen for yourself and decide!

    Rebecca Black, Saturday

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