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The Naked Rowing Team Returns to Help Fight Homophobia With a Movie—Watch the Trailer Now!

Warwick Rowers Angus Malcolm/Warwick Rowing

(WARNING: This post is potentially NSFW due to nudity. It says as much in the title.)

All charity is good charity and there shouldn't ever be any competition over which charity work is best. With all that said, if there were a competition for best charity work, we like this one!

The University of Warwick rowing team strips down each year and poses naked for a calendar, part of the proceeds helping to fight homophobia. The 2014 calendar was their fifth and it sold out in just a few weeks. 

It gets better: There's a movie. The 55-minute digital download features interviews with the guys and a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot. It's called The Warwick Rowers: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, which is an innuendo. But it's also true. Especially the last part.

And let's cut to the chase here: There's penis within the first 30 seconds.

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Part of the money raised goes to a program the Warwick club started called Sports Allies, which is "dedicated to challenging homophobia among young people" through classroom education.

"This year, we took it upon ourselves to give something back firsthand by launching our own outreach program where we can go into our local community and teach about rowing," one rower, Laurie, explains during an interview in the movie.

"But at the same time, about the importance of fairness and equality in sport."

Naked Rowers GIF Angus Malcolm

Josh puts their message this way: "It's OK to be gay. And it's OK to talk about it. And it's not OK to bully."

Naked Rowers GIF Angus Malcolm

As for the naked calendar itself, Laurie says, "We're a fun club. Everyone's friendly. We're here to do a job, but at the same time we're young students. We can appreciate a good time with each other as well."

"Because of the amount of time you're committing to rowing, you make really good friends, really quickly," another adds.

Naked Rowers GIF Angus Malcolm

"There's not a lot of fear around these parts of getting naked. Once you get here, people are strolling around all day, sitting and having lunch, naked without a care in the world," Laurie reveals.

And the calendar isn't just for a good cause. It's good for the team too. "I think it's quite good for team spirit," one of the rowers says. "It's a new level of bonding when you've all seen each other naked."

Naked Rowers GIF Angus Malcolm

All the attention the boys have received isn't so bad either. One rower joked in footage, "I think I'm prepared for the attention when the calendar comes out. I quite enjoy attention from either sex, so it shouldn't be a problem."

Naked Rowers GIF Angus Malcolm

Watch the trailer now:

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