The Vampire Diaries, The Originals

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It's time to take a bite out of the main course.

After 32 shows and four rounds of heated competition, we're down to the final two in our Fall TV obsession tournament, which pitted the season's most addictive series against each other for the top spot. After countless clicks, we're left with two finalists and they both have something very special in common: Fangs.

So far, no fandom blood has been spilled, but something tells us that's all about to change because it's vampire vs. vampire, y'all! In our final round of voting we've got a flagship series against its spinoff as the fan-favorite drama The Vampire Diaries takes on the new CW smash series The Originals.

We're obsessed with both of these dark and dangerous dramas, so we're leaving the hard decision-making up to you. And don't try to weasel you're way out of this situation with some vervain—you have to choose!

So can Damon and Stefan finally defeat our favorite vampire/werewolf hybrid? (Sorry Tyler, and Haley's unborn baby-thing.) And Klaus may be immortal, but can he outlast the TV tycoons who reign supreme in Mystic Falls? (Psst! Damon and Elena just won the title of our Best TV Couple of All Time!)

It's all up to you CW lovers. The round closes Sunday, Nov. 8 at 9 p.m. PT, so you have all weekend to do some serious vampire soul-searching and vote for the series that you're most obsessed with.   

Important note: Make sure to head down to the bottom of the poll and type in the word shown to prove you're not a robot. Then you can cast your vote for your favorite vamps.

Fall TV Obsession: Vote in the Finals!
Final Game

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