The Food Program by Tracy Anderson

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Juice cleanses may have lots of celebrity fans, but Tracy Anderson is not one of them. In a recent interview with Refinery29, the fitness guru slammed the products as "the worst thing that ever became commercialized."

And that was just her intro. She went on to say: "If you're going to drink a non-organic green juice, you might as well eat a Twinkie. Or a half a Twinkie, at least," she said. "There's like 80 calories in it, there's a bunch of chemicals in it, what's the point? The only benefit [to juice] is that it's pre-digested and the Twinkie's not."

But it's the juices long term effects that she finds to be the real problem: "They crash people's metabolic rate," she shares, adding: "Now, the F.D.A. says they have to be pasteurized. So, you're drinking, basically, water that's going to give you Type 2 diabetes, potentially," she says.

Tracy Anderson, Gwyneth Paltrow

In addition to comparing the veggie drinks to packaged dessert, she said that she is no longer is a fan of the raw vegan diet, mainly because it interfered with her reproductive system. "I wouldn't have my daughter [if I were still on the raw diet]. I lost my period for seven months because I went raw."

Two things she does approve of? A purely organic meal plan and daily exercise.

No wonder Tracy and Gwyneth Platrow are BFFs—they both have very strong opinions! No doubt we will be hearing a lot more of them on the duo's new web series The Restart Project  in 2014. 

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