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Carrie Underwood Dishes on The Sound of Music Live! and How She Got Julie Andrew's Seal of Approval—Watch Now!

Sound Of Music Will Hart/NBC

Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer are just a few of our favorite things…

So you can imagine how excited we are to see them in NBC's ambitious live special of The Sound of Music airing Thursday night at 8 p.m. Underwood, along with an incredibly talented musical cast, will bring the classic tale to life by playing Maria—the role made famous by the iconic Julie Andrews in the 1965 movie.

To get you excited for all the Von Trapp family fun, E! News chatted with Underwood in between rehearsals, and we've got your exclusive first look at what fans can expect from Thursday's live broadcast. Plus, the singer reveals how she earned Andrew's blessing to step into those iconic braids.

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The Grammy Award-winning singer tells us that she was eager to be a part of this project from the very beginning. "I had heard about the project long before I was ever whispered to maybe be a part of it. And I remember thinking, 'Wow you're going to do a musical live on TV. What?!' That's setting the bar. You're reaching high and that's ambitious," she says.

Underwood reveals that she's not the only person in her family who has always loved the songs from The Sound of Music—Carrie's mother cherishes them too! "My mom always loved the movie so much. It was actually one of my mom and dad's first dates that they ever went on, so it was really special to her." Underwood continues, "Anytime it would come on TV we would get together mommy-daughter style and watch."

Although the country superstar has received some Twitter backlash since her casting was announced, Underwood tells us that she has the support from one very important member of the Sound of Music family: Julie Andrews!

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Sound Of Music Will Hart/NBC

"She's so wonderful." The starlet gushes, "She's been so great to us and that means a lot. Whenever I do a cover of somebody's song or whatever, I always get permission of the artist first. I'm like, 'If you hate me, let me know and I won't sing your song!' So it was really really important for her to do that and just what a lovely person."

Take a look at our full interview with Underwood above for even more exclusive details from The Sound of Music Live! Plus, Carrie reveals what it's really like working with Stephen Moyer—and you won't believe what she said!

The Sound of Music Live! airs Thursday night at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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