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Sons of Anarchy: Jax's Betrayal Is Revealed, [Spoiler] Comes Close to Death and More Shockers


Spoiler alert! Do not continue reading if you don't want to know what happened on Sons of Anarchy's penultimate episode, which aired Tuesday night. You've been warned!

And the fallout begins.

After last week's episode, which may have just been the series' most shocking ever, Sons of Anarchy was left to deal with the fallout of Clay's (Ron Perlman) death and to set the table for next week's finale feast.

And though the FX biker drama made its biggest kill ever last week, it seems likely that more deaths are on the way after "You Are My Sunshine," which basically threw every single SOA main character off-kilter, dropping bombshells left and right. Not only did one character almost die, they managed to reveal a major secret of Jax's (Charlie Hunnam) in the process. One thing is clear after tonight's episode: No one is safe...not even Jax.

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Tara Makes Her Move: Literally. After a season of planning, Tara (Maggie Siff) finally left Charming with Jax's boys. While she originally intended to make a deal with the D.A. and go into witness protection, she decided to make a run for it and is now a fugitive. "We'll be safe," she tells Wayne when she pulls a gun on him in order to leave with the boys. While she's driving away, Tara explains to Abel, "Everything I do is for you and Thomas. That's my job." And what a tough one it will be now that the club and the D.A. will be going after her.

After learning that Tara made a run for it, Gemma (Katey Sagal) is pissed beyond belief and Jax is completely devastated. We won't lie, we're kind of scared to see what he does next after seeing him trash his son's room in despair. (When asked if there's any hope for the couple on Twitter, creator Kurt Sutter said, "Where there's love, there's hope.")

The Truth Comes Out: Juice (Theo Rossi), who is extremely messed up over Clay's death, overdoses on Oxycontin (He takes six pills) and almost dies, but Nero (Jimmy Smits) and Gemma save him. (Gemma sticks her fingers down his throat, to be exact. Ew.) In his condition, Juice finally reveals that he killed Nero's cousin's girlfriend a horrified Nero. "I'm sorry," he says. "I didn't want to do it. Jax said it was what I had to do. I'm sorry."

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(Props to Theo Rossi, who was devastating in the episode and this scene in particular.)

So what will Nero do next? It's clearly complicated, given his relationship with Jax's mother and his father-son relationship with the SAMCRO leader, which leads to the heartbreaking final scene in which Nero comforts a distraught Jax after Tara's betrayal.

On the bright side (if there really is one on this show!), it seems like Jax finally got the club out of the gun business for good, which has been his goal since the pilot. So at least there's that?

Line of the Night: "Go back to d--k. Girls are shit." And this has been love life lessons with Gemma!

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