Ron Howard, Chris Hemsworth, Flood Twit Pic

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Even Thor can't hold back the weather sometimes.

Chris Hemsworth and the rest of the cast and crew working on Ron Howard's new drama In the Heart of the Sea in Spain's Canary Islands were forced to flee just before a raging flash flood and mudslides swept through and destroyed their film set.

The Oscar-winning director chronicled the emergency in a "photo account" on his Twitter page, posting twitpics of the rising waters and the ensuing devastation that engulfed the area they had been shooting in.

"Rare heavy rain in La Gomera forced us to our small converted cover stage," Howard wrote. "Torrential outside, the crew dried work shoes as we shot a scene inside. Sound was ruined by rain on roof… Then our access road began to flood."

Ron Howard, Flood Twit Pic


Eventually, the filmmaker said his production was told to wrap shooting and evacuate—"pronto." But the good news is that everybody got away unscathed.

"Good luck that no cars or people were swept away or hit by tumbling rocks. All's well that ends well," he added. "W/out incident trucks moved to hi ground & all cast & crew waded to cars (calf deep) & made it out b-4 roads closed."

That included Howard's star.

Hemsworth plays First Mate Owen Chase in the aptly-titled tale, which dramatizes the sinking of the real-life 19th century American whaleship, the Essex, by a sperm whale, which purportedly inspired Herman Melville to pen his classic novel, Moby-Dick.

In the Heart of the Sea, costarring Cillian Murphy, Benjamin Walker and Brendan Gleeson, is scheduled to hit theaters on March 15, 2015.

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