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    Claire Danes Covers Glamour: Laughs About Her Famous "Crying Face," Forgets How Handsome Hugh Dancy Is

    Claire Danes, Glamour, Cover Glamour Magazine

    Claire Danes has no problem letting it all hang out—emotionally, that is.

    In a cover story for the January issue of Glamour, the Homeland star opens up about those hilarious "Claire Danes Cry Face" memes poking fun at her tortured alter ego Carrie Mathison's penchant for shedding tears on the hit Showtime drama.

    "Well, it is true, she gets emotional a lot," Danes tells the magazine with a laugh. "There is that. But I actually think feelings are really hard for people. I think people are made uncomfortable by uncensored expressions of emotion. But, you know, that's my job. I don't have those fears. I really have never been concerned about being beautiful onscreen. That's just not my jam. I'm concerned about it if I'm playing a beautiful character. But it's not relevant for Carrie."

    When it comes to portraying a CIA officer who has a bipolar disorder that partly drives her obsession over her terrorist suspect, the 34-year-old actress admits she's no-nonsense.

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    Claire Danes, Glamour, Dog Glamour Magazine

    "I don't need to worry about [beauty], and I think that's really great. I love sitting in the makeup trailer and getting my makeup done in 15 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half," she adds.

    At least, the makeup doesn't run as much every time she has waterworks.

    But Danes, who says she would've gone into psychology if she hadn't turned to acting, did spill on the clothing brand Carrie's depends on for her signature pantsuits.

    "Carrie wears a lot of Theory. That is her brand. She's a Theory girl. It's a lot of navy," she reveals. "I actually forget how to wear my own clothing when I'm filming because I wear basically the same pair of jeans and a long-sleeve T-shirt and then change out of it and immediately into my pantsuit."

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    Claire Danes, Glamour, Dog Glamour Magazine

    Regarding her personal life, Danes notes she's "happier" now that she's in her thirties because she better understands herself and accepts her limitations.

    Claire also gushes about British actor Hugh Dancy, whom she wed in a secret ceremony back in 2009. Though she admits to have gotten so comfortable with her hubby, she has the occasional memory lapse.

    "Well, it's true that you often kind of forget to see the person you're most intimate with, but occasionally I'll come to and sort of think, Oh my God! You're really, really good-looking!" she chuckled. "I'm embarrassed now! It's nice to occasionally have that flash."

    The Glamour issue featuring Danes hits newsstands Dec. 10.

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