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We already know what Gwyneth Paltrow plans on wearing throughout the holiday season, as well as the goodies the Goop gal plans on gifting friends, and now the blonde beauty's even revealing her plans for Christmas day.  

Not surprisingly, Paltrow—the author of two cookbooks—admits food plays a major role in her annual festivities.

"My family, we live all scattered apart and we all congregate together for Christmas. I love that, I love that feeling of togetherness and all the food, the mulled wine and everything," the Hugo Boss spokesperson said in a new video for the brand.

And you better believe the foodie rolls up her sleeves when it comes time to prepping the grand Christmas feast.

"I do a lot of the cooking before Christmas but then I usually spend a lot of Christmas cooking too," Paltrow revealed to the Daily Mail. "All the smells, all of the mulled wine, all of the trimmings for the turkey. We like to have all the family around. A very traditional Christmas."

And, just like Santa, the actress can count on a couple little helpers to get the job done.

"My kids are very involved in the kitchen with me, especially my son. He loves to cook and he's very engaged when we do it—he has a lot of patience for it, it's very cute. He helps me measure and he cracks eggs perfectly, he's very good."

Sounds like little Moses andApple can count on being on the nice list this year and, to hear Paltrow tell it, they definitely won't be disappointed come Christmas morning.

"Our Christmas rituals are pretty much the same every year; it's basically trying to keep the children in bed until at least 7 a.m.!" she revealed. "Father Christmas always leaves a stocking at the end of their bed, which is great because then they wake up and they have lots of little bits to unwrap. Then they wake us up and they just go to town on the present opening."

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Tell us in the comments!

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