Prince Harry

WWTW via Getty Images

Prince Harry's South Pole trek been hit with another delay due to poor weather conditions.

A snow storm and high winds have left the 29-year-old royal and his fellow Walking With the Wounded teammates—along with the two other teams competing—confined to their base camp at Novolazarevskaya Station, Antarctica.

As a result, the groups have not been able to take part in some of the scheduled skiing exercises designed to help them acclimatize to the hostile conditions, the Mirror U.K. reports.

In the meantime, the three teams are simply resting and unpacking and repacking the kits they will take on their more than 200-mile journey. Departure to the next base camp, which was scheduled to take place on Monday, Nov. 25, will now likely happen on Tuesday at the earliest.

Last Friday, Harry and his team touched down at Novolazarevskaya Station after bad weather forced them to stay in Cape Town, South Africa for an extra 48 hours.

The official trek is scheduled to begin on Nov. 30. The teams—Solider On (Australia and Canada), Soldiers to Summit (United States of America) and Walking With the Wounded (United Kingdom)—will race 208 miles across the Antarctic Plateau and are expecting to travel approximately 10 miles a day.

The groups are hoping to reach the geographic South Pole by Dec. 16.

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