Kristen Bell was no bridezilla when she said "I do" to Dax Shepard.

In fact, she wanted their Oct. 17 wedding at the Beverly Hills county clerk office to be "the lowest-key day possible." Only, as the 33-year-old House of Lies explained on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Thursday, Nov. 22, they were so low-key about their big day it almost couldn't happen!

Bell and Shepard, 38, filled out their marriage paperwork online and then showed up at the courthouse—but they didn't bring along anyone to officiate their wedding! "They said, 'That's not how it works,'" she recalled. "And I said, 'Check your website. Yes it is,' and they said, 'No, you actually have to have someone ordaining you.' I said, 'But we don't, please let us be married now!'"

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But that was a no-go. She came up with a solution—asking if she could "just walk outside, find some Joe on the corner, and he says, 'Do you? Do you,' I could come back in, tell you that happened, and you'd sign [our marriage license]? They said yes!"

"Doesn't that seem so arbitrary?" asked Bell, who has a 7-month-old daughter named Lincoln with her now-hubby. But after "frantically texting" friends who are ordained to come to the courthouse and no one was able to make it,  "finally someone piped up that was actually in the courthouse and said, 'I can marry you right now, if you want.'"

"We said, 'Boom! Let's do it,'" Bell said. "And we got it over with…Then we got sandwiches, and we called it a day! We called that our wedding brunch."

Low-key is the way to be.

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