Justin Bieber


All Beliebers are little girls but not all little girls are Beliebers*.

So fair warning, parents: If you're getting your daughter Justin Bieber tickets for Christmas, just know they might hate it. Just like 3-year-old Savannah did when her mom surprised her with a concert last year (her sister Alexis, 4, seemed whatever about it).

And Savannah's reason for not wanting the tickets is amazing. Watch!

She really would have rather just gotten One Direction tix. Thanks a lot, Mom.

Mom Stacey Murray, tells E! News that both girls are huge Directioners and both have 1D backpacks for school. Alexis loves Harry Styles and Savannah (the crier) loves Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

But "Savannah definitely likes Louis more and has a T-shirt with just Louis on it," Stacey says.

The girls have yet to see One Direction in concert. 

As for the Bieber's concert, Stacey tells us that they did end up going and it was apparently "a major disappointment." Bieber didn't take the stage until 10 p.m., way past the girls' bedtime, so they had to leave before the concert ended.

"There's a ban on Justin Bieber in the house [now]," Stacey says. Probably for the best!

(*We know that technically there are Beliebers who aren't little girls. We know this because they're the ones who make all the death threats on Twitter.)

Tune in to E! News for exclusive chats with the members of One Direction all this week at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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