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Jay Z's $58,000 Barneys Holiday Collection Jacket, Plus 7 More Insanely Priced Items From the Line

Jay Z Holiday Collection, Barneys

Got 99 problems but a budget ain't one?

Then you may want to check out Jay Z's holiday collection with Barneys New York this season for your gift-giving needs.

Hova's teamed up with a host of luxury labels for his collaboration with the retailer, and the items are anything but budget-friendly, with a single item ringing in at nearly $60,000!

Yep, for that extra-special someone on your nice list, Jay Z's festive collection offers a $58,000 Rick Owens crocodile jacket with edgy zipper detailing. For those worried the pricey statement piece won't go with anything in their closets, fear not. Whether your wardrobe is full of high or low items, the site claims you can pair "pair it with everything from sweats to sharkskin." How handy! 

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Jay Z Holiday Collection, Barneys

And while Beyoncé's hubby also offers more "affordable" options, the merchandise still makes luxury goods lover Gwyneth Paltrow's gift guide picks seem like bargain bin riffraff. Take the $33,900 Hublot watch, the $12,500 knuckle ring or $4,500 cashmere throw that would require many of us to take out a loan.

Slightly less astronomically priced—and we mean slightly—options include a baseball cap, tee, and ski mask that cost under $1,000. Perhaps a good option for folks on your naughty list?

Regardless of how much you spend, 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the hip hop artist's Shawn Carter Foundation, which offers at need students scholarships and is as good a reason as we've ever heard for dropping a few thousand dollars.

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