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Watch These Scenes From Harry Potter, Jurassic Park and More Recreated in Real Life (Because They're Hilarious)

Improv Everywhere is a self-proclaimed New York City-based prank—wait! Stop! Don't leave just because you read the word "prank!" Just let us finish! We promise it's not what you think!

Improv Everywhere is a New York City-based prank collective that "causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places." And "prank" probably isn't the best way to describe them anyway: They're not punk teens pretending to stab each other and emotionally scarring strangers (which should be illegal and any teen who calls him or herself a "prankster" should be arrested preemptively.) 

In a series called "Movies in Real Life," Improv Everywhere recreates movies in real life. Above is their take on Harry Potter.

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Watch their recreation of When Harry Met Sally's diner scene, to see what happens when 20 women fake an orgasm in the same restaurant:

Watch Rocky, for the flash mob of children and Philly pride:

Watch Jurassic Park all the way to the end for a delightful dino surprise:

Watch The Matrix to watch a bunch of people fight in slow motion in real time:

Watch Back to the Future because it's always funny when someone yells "MAAARTAAAY":

Watch Indiana Jones because it is simply brilliant in its stupidity:

A person dressed as a boulder chasing a person dressed as Indy is never not funny.

And watch for the people's reactions. Happiness. YouTube "pranksters," take note.

Improv Everywhere releases a new "Movies in Real Life" every Tuesday.

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