Niall Horan


Talk about terrible travel!

After touching down at LAX airport in L.A. last night, the boys of One Direction were swarmed by hoards of screaming fans and overzealous paparazzi.

The photogs got so intense as the Brit boy-banders made their exit from the terminal that Niall Horan even got pushed to the ground. "I hate the paps!!" Horan wrote on Twitter last night. "Just got dragged to the floor by some idiot with a camera ! could have seen the fans aswell, but they messed it all up!"

In pics of the airport chaos, Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles can be seen keeping their heads down while surrounded by large crowds. At one point, Malik even flipped the bird at the pesky paps.

The boys did finally make it to their cars and jumped in before driving off. Thankfully, they all made it out of there in one piece!

The boys of 1D are in L.A. for a few upcoming events.

On Friday, the guys will participate in a Q&A and perform during their iHeartRadio Album Release Party in celebration of their new album Midnight Memories. And on Sunday, the guys will perform for their very first time at the 2013 American Music Awards!

Don't forget to tune in to E! News for One Direction Week starting tomorrow at 7 and 11:30 p.m.

PHOTOS: One Direction

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