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New Girl Scoop: The Most Important Guest Star of All Time Returns

Clear your TV schedule tonight, because New Girl's best guest star ever is making a big return. You think we're talking about Taylor Swift , right? Well, she's the second best guest star ever. We're talking about…

Furguson the cat! We didn't oversell it, did we? What are we saying, of course we didn't! Winston's (Lamorne Morris) fluffy ball of love is back in tonight's episode, and we've got the exclusive first look at how that little rascal might lead Winston to true love.

For all you cat lovers out there, brace yourselves. Because a cat owner's worst nightmare comes to life in tonight's episode, and it's all Nick's (Jake Johnson) fault! Damn it, Nick!

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"Winston comes back to the loft to find out that his cat is missing because of Nick, who's an idiot," Morris previews. "So they have to go on this wild goose chase to find Furguson. And in doing so, Winston possibly has found a new love interest by the name of Bertie."

Bertie is played by The Heat's Jessica Chaffin, and though you might say she's not much to look at, Winston is smitten.

"He sees her as a breath of fresh air to him. She's older so she knows what she wants," Morris says.

But let's get back to Furguson, who is the real star of New Girl. He (she?) is featured heavily in the preview, so click play on the video above and get lost in his (her?) big kitty eyes.

New Girl airs tonight on Fox!

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