Friends don't let other friends text the husbands of their non-friends. Did you get all that?

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans sure do, because Kenya Moore started what is now called "text-gate" when she and Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo started exchanging texts. And in this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode, Phaedra confronts her hubby about what exactly happened via cell phone.

"After talking to Kandi [Burrus] about text-gate with Kenya, I just wanted to talk to Apollo so I can put this all to rest because I'm sick of hearing about it," she says in her talking head.

Unsurprisingly, Apollo pulls the victim routine, saying he wasn't the one who initiated it, but Phaedra counters that he shouldn't be responding to the messages at all.

"What he sees as being harmless, I see as being inappropriate," she reasons.

Just when the fight starts to get good, a lobster shows up and ruins everything. Yeah, you read that right. A damn lobster.

Watch the clip above and tell us if you think Apollo is being shady or if Phaedra is overreacting.

The new episode of RHOA, appropriately titled "Too Late to Apollo-Gize", airs this Sunday only on Bravo.

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