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Ravenswood Midseason Finale: Tyler Blackburn Teases "Romantic" Haleb Moment, Doppelgänger Drama and More!

Ravenswood ABC FAMILY/Skip Bolen

Warning: Do not watch tonight's all-new episode of Ravenswood alone!

Grab your favorite teddy bear and turn on all the lights because you're in for a terrifying treat; it's the midseason finale of the hit Pretty Little Liars spinoff, meaning that the thrills and chills that keep us up at night will be twice as intense. (We didn't even know that was possible!)

To help prepare you for the jam-packed hour of answers, we chatted with Ravenswood's most handsome new resident Tyler Blackburn, and he spilled everything you need to know about tonight's episode. From Haleb's sweet yet rocky future to Miranda and Caleb's doppleganger drama (plus, shocking new details surrounding the curse!), we've got all the exclusive dark details.

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First things first: We need to know what's coming up for our favorite beauty and the badboy couple. PLL star Ashley Benson recently dished that Haleb is in a bit of a "rocky place," but there's no need to panic, romance lovers! Blackburn promises us that fans of the couple will definitely swoon during a "beautiful" Hanna-Caleb phone call in tonight's episode. 

"Honestly the call is just really beautiful and romantic and funny and sweet. It's nothing too serious, which I think will allow the Haleb fans be able to wipe off a bead of sweat or two," the actor says with a laugh. "But it's really cute. While filming it they actually had us on the other line with each other, so yeah, we got to talk to each other, and she was in LA and I was here, so it was really cool, and it makes it just more romantic, really." Ugh, could you two be any more adorable?!

Looking ahead, Hanna will be traveling back Ravenswood for episode ten (aka the season finale). However, despite tonight's sure-to-be adorable phone call, Blackburn spills that their relationship will face multiple challenges in just five short episodes. 

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Prepare for a new PLL/Ravenswood crossover, y'all! "Caleb does make his way back to Rosewood, and what goes on during that episode leaves them not very happy," Blackburn explains. "So Hanna makes her way to Ravenswood after that episode of PLL, so they're kind of going off of that. They're seeing each other after this episode of PLL that doesn't end well, so they're in a rocky place."

Ravenswood ABC FAMILY/Skip Bolen

While some fans are hoping that Hanna and Caleb can stay together, others are starting to root for a new ghostly girl to win our hero's heart. After last week's episode, it's clear that Miranda has some serious feelings for Caleb, and the actor tells us these feelings could be fate.

In tonight's lavish and fun flashback, fans will be introduced to original Caleb and Miranda: 1917's hottest new couple. "Original Caleb and Miranda were in love, very deeply," Blackburn spills. "From the get-go, Caleb and Miranda, modern day, have had sort of this immediate bond and they get along very well. So you have to sort of wonder, could it be because they have this past, over a hundred years old? Are they the same people, just directly reincarnated?" Whoa.

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Ravenswood ABC FAMILY/Skip Bolen

We know you're trying to ponder that last mind-blowing question, but we've got even more OMG moments to share with you from tonight's midseason finale. Last week we saw that in his fit of rage, Caleb smashed open a box, and after chatting with Tyler, we're kind of wishing that he hadn't. 

"It is a box full of answers, really, that lead the clue to uncover the history of the curse that is on Ravenswood," Blackburn dishes. "Well, it's really more like he opened up Pandora's box as far as the origin of the curse, and it's a lot darker than they ever really understood. The town itself feeds off of this negative energy, so it doesn't like the fact that these five people are really understanding and finding more answers."

And fans can expect "a lot more action" in the second half of Ravenswood as Blackburn tells us that he has had to face his fears both on and off screen. "Filming became super intense, believe me. I would be exhausted by the end of the day sometimes, because I was just like, running or fighting or chopping heads off of things, you know. Today, I had a tarantula crawling on me." Blegh!

The midseason finale of Ravenswood airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. 

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