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Hunger Games Costume Designer Trish Sumerville Dishes on Behind-the-Scenes Fashion, Plus See New Clothing Line Inspired By Cast

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Hunger Games Fashion Collection
Hunger Games Fashion Collection Net-A-Porter

Calling all Hunger Games fans!

If you're eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming flick, rest assured that there's a chic fashion collection to accompany it, too!

That's right, Lionsgate and Net-a-Porter have teamed up with the film's brilliant costume designer Trish Summerville for a clothing line entirely inspired by the characters of the global blockbuster.

The Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville line consists of 16 ready-to-wear pieces, including cutout jumpsuits, edgy cocktail dresses, a sporty tracksuit, statement tees, sexy leather leggings and much more with price points starting at $70 upwards to almost $2,000.

Best of all, every item is extremely wearable and the quality is top notch, too. 

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Hunger Games Fashion Collection Net-A-Porter

There's also luxe jewelry and posh leather goods, so there's truly something for everyone this season!

The collection officially releases today, and to top it off, we also scored some time with Trish in advance to learn more about the ins and outs of what it was like designing for Jennifer Lawrence and crew.

Here's what we learned:

Tell us what it was like to dress the cast for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?
I think for me the challenges with the film were the time constraints—of not having a ton of prep time—and to outfit everyone. This type of film is kind of future-fantasy, so you pretty much have to dress every single person in the film. It's a lot of building things, altering things. The principle characters have up to 40 or 50 changes, and then there's also the background [characters], which gives life to the movie as well.

So when people look at the scenes of the districts, that's 300 to 500 people. And then the Capitol sequences when they're in the stands and in the bleachers—that's about 500 people. President Snow's party is about 500 people. So all these people need a change for each one of these scenes! It's really quite vast in what you have to tackle. And on certain levels you can't let it overwhelm you, you just have to dive in and get it done. And I spearheaded the whole thing.

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Hunger Games Fashion Collection Net-A-Porter

Wow! That is incredibly impressive. Where did you source most of the costumes from?
We shopped, we built things, we reconstructed items. I called in every designer that I felt fit our project really well and hoped they'd want to participate with us. And luckily, we had a really great response.

Which designers participated?
Definitely Alexander McQueen because I thought McQueen was perfect for Effie Trinket with his silhouettes and the grandness and the luxuriousness of all the fabrics. For jewelry, we had Eddie Borgo and McQueen lent us amazing archive pieces for Effie. Nicholas K—we used a lot of their clothing for Katniss and Peeta along the victory tour and in the districts. Juun. J…who's an amazing menswear designer from Korea who I'm obsessed with, and another designer, Oscar Olima, who makes beautiful women's clothing. Also, this great milliner, Daniel V. whose hats are made out of origami and so I was just like, 'Go crazy! Make the most outlandish thing you can think of. This will be your opportunity for that.'

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Hunger Games Fashion Collection Net-A-Porter

What was working with Jennifer Lawrence like?
She's fantastic. My first meeting I had with her was probably—I think I only got like 20 or 30 minutes because she was leaving the country and it was her only chance to kind of come in and so I just showed her some sketches we had done for her to give her the overall feel of what I thought Katniss would be. She came in and she was just great, like super down to earth and she drove herself there, you know, came in with no makeup and just long fresh hair, just beautiful and she was really excited about the direction we wanted to take her character. She really let me take the reins and she was really open and there were definitely costume favorites and things that she loved.

Did you have a favorite costume?
God, it's so hard because I have so many! I mean, I loved her dress at the capital party. We put a lot of time into that dress--we had it embroidered and then handpainted over the whole thing to kind of get the tones that I wanted. I also really love Joanna's chariot costume, which you don't see much of it in the film but it's just stunning. It's like a bodysuit that has 3-D printing, metallic paint on it to look like bark and her corset is hand-tooled metallic brown leather that is like opalescent like a beetle. And amazing McQueen archive shoes that are literally like vines!

Tell us a funny insider secret about the making of The Hunger Games.
Well, I'm hoping they put this in the blooper reel…but one of the funny things was when Jennifer was in the giant wedding dress she has to go up this ramp and these doors open and she's going up and steps on the front of the dress and just...Bam!  She totally falls over and she just goes 'I'm OK, I'm OK, I'm OK!' And there was just so much dress that like her body actually didn't hit the ground, it was just her on top of that dress! And watching the Academy Awards at home this year and she goes up the stairs and then she falls just like that and I texted her afterwards and I'm like, 'Oh my God! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. What a fantastic moment! And thank God we practiced you falling in such a big dress you did such an eloquent job!' and she's like, 'Thank you very much!' 

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