Holiday Pet Gift Guide, Collage

Just when you think you've checked everyone off the holiday shopping list, there's always someone who gets forgotten…and it's usually the cat or dog. Aw. Poor Whiskers or Spot.

To help, we've come up with the coolest gifts to give your pet so you can really indulge them this year. They deserve it, after all—all those hours spent lounging around, sleeping or eating. But we love them anyway.

And when we say we've found the best pet gifts, we're not talking a measly bone wrapped in a bow. We've got the most awesome goodies for your furry friends, including pet gear from high-end fashion designers, and there's even some frosted dog biscuits that look so delicious it's easy to forget they're not for humans.

So go on and shop from our pet gift guide, and be prepared to get plenty of tail wags in return. 

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