Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller has become a standout star in the fashion scene.

Her quirky bohemian style and good looks have landed her on the some of the most coveted best dressed lists for years.

But it looks like her most recent ensemble may not fare with critics so well…

The blond beauty was spotted going for a jog with her trainer through a park in London wearing a mishmash of comfy clothes.

Between the purple socks, baggy leggings, sweatshirt and oversize fur-lined coat, Miller clearly went for function over fashion with the outfit.

Sienna Miller, Tom Sturridge, Burberyy


But to be fair, and to her credit, the Brit was rocking a Free City sweatshirt during her workout routine.

Because celebs are just like us, and work up a sweat in $200 hoodies, right?! Okay, glad that's cleared up.

And when she's not busy working on her fitness, the new mother is in front of the cameras posing in the 2013 Burberry holiday campaign with her fiancé Tom Sturridge.

The couple are snapped cozying up in winter essentials by the famous British fashion house and even showing off some PDA.

All in the name of fashion! 

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