If you ask Kerry Washington, her Saturday Night Live appearance was like a "well-choreographed dance"—and a fast one at that. 

The 36-year-old Scandal star dropped by Chelsea Lately Thursday night and spilled to Chelsea Handler about the challenges of hosting Saturday Night Live two weeks ago. Washington won praise for her comic abilities after poking fun at the show's lack of diversity.

"That was so fun!" Washington said when the funnylady lavished her with praise. "That was one of the best weeks of my life being able to go and play with those really smart, funny people."

When Handler asked how she was able to get in and out of costume so quickly (especially when she had to play Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey in one skit alone as the only black woman in the cast), Washington described a whirlwind of backstage activity. 

"They have people moving stages and, like, people literally pick you up and toss you to the other side of the room and change your clothes while you stand there like a puppet," she recalled. "At one point, I was hovering above ground because this woman held me while this other woman was changing my shoes and changing my wig. And fixing my makeup. And then your back on stage. It's extraordinary."

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The pregnant Emmy-winning actress had such a good time, she subsequently sent the cast a box of cupcakes referencing her very funny music video skit spoofing Ylvis' "The Fox."

"It's like a Lady Gaga concert," quipped Chelsea. 

"Yeah! I got to be Gaga," joked Kerry.

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