Marilyn Monroe, Plastic Surgery, X-Ray, Auction

Julien's Auction, M. Garrett/Murray Garrett/Getty Images

How much would you pay for some very rare, very intimate pictures of Marilyn Monroe? No, we're not talking nudes (those you can see for free online. Or you can get the general idea by looking at Lindsay Lohan's cheap imitation). 

These are more intimate than naked photographs. These are X-rays.

And someone just spent $25,600 to own them. Which is...kinda icky.

The X-rays were part of Julien Auction House's "Icons and Idols: Hollywood" sale, which also included a Marilyn nightgown, a dress that belonged to Princess Diana and a piece of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding cake.

The complete lot contained: 

A medical file pertaining to cosmetic surgery performed on Marilyn Monroe. The file includes facial X-rays and doctors' notes from the office of Dr. Michael Gurdin, M.D., and the X-ray office of Drs. Conti and Steinberg.

The X-rays are listed under one of Monroe's aliases, Miss Joan Newman, and indicate that she was 36 at the time (the X-rays, along with the medical notes also prove that Marilyn had plastic surgery). 

The X-ray is dated June 7, 1962, two months before she died.

That's right: You can't even get any damn privacy in the afterlife.

Marilyn Monroe, Plastic Surgery, X-Ray, Auction

Julien's Auction

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