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Angelina Jolie & Vivienne Jolie-Pitt in Maleficent and 9 More Celeb Parents Who Costarred With Their Kids

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Vivenne Jolie-Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Maleficent
Vivenne Jolie-Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Maleficent Disney

A lot of times in Hollywood, the acting bug runs in the family.

So it's actually pretty normal to see celeb parents costarring in a film or TV show alongside their actual children from time to time, much like Angelina Jolie and her 5-year-old daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt in the upcoming Disney movie Maleficent.

But Angie and her little girl are just one of many, many related pairs working together on the big or small screen. Here are 9 more celeb parent-child duos that have costarred together on a film or TV show...

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Brad Pitt, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Paramount Pictures

1. Brad Pitt & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Continuing with the Jolie-Pitt clan, the handsome actor and the couple's eldest biological daughter appeared on screen together for about one second in the 2008 award-winning film when Pitt was sitting on the curb with his newborn daughter, watching the balloon fly away.

Alan Ackles, Jensen Ackles, Supernatural Liane Hentscher/The CW

2. Jensen Ackles & Alan Ackles, Supernatural: When it came time for the 35-year-old actor to use some of his talents behind the camera and direct an episode for season 8 of the series, he decided to cast his dad for a fun cameo. However, it wasn't Alan's first time on the show. He was previously featured on the program as an uncredited newscaster.

John Posey, Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf MTV

3. Tyler Posey & John Posey, Teen Wolf: In 2011, the hardworking movie and TV actor made a cameo on his son's hit show on MTV. John appeared as Dr. Fenris in the episode "Wolf's Bane" alongside Tyler, who stars in the drama series.

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Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Pursuit of Happyness Sony Pictures

4. Will Smith & Jaden Smith, Pursuit of Happyness: This is one father-son duo that hasn't been shy about sharing camera time. Fans will probably remember a tiny Jaden Smith costarring in the emotional drama alongside his A-lister dad, who portrayed a struggling (and at times homeless) salesman.The pair teamed up again recently for the sci-fi adventure flick After Earth.

Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Anger Management FOX

5. Martin Sheen & Charlie Sheen, Anger Management: These famous stars have appeared on the big screen together numerous times—Cadence, Wall Street and Hot Shots! Part Deux to name a few—but more recently, the veteran actor opted to join his son on his new FX series playing none other than Charlie's dad.

Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Cameron Douglas, It Runs in the Family MGM

6. Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas & Cameron Douglas, It Runs In the Family: Now this one's a doozy! Three generations of the Douglas clan joined together for the first time in the 2003 drama. Michael was costarred alongside his legendary father Kirk and his son Cameron and—bonus!—his mother Diana. That, ladies and gentleman, is a family affair.

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Knocked Up, Leslie Man Universal Pictures

7. Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow & Iris Apatow, Knocked Up: The actress and her two daughters made a trio of beautiful blond curls while gracing the big screen together for Judd Apatow's (aka hubby to Leslie, father to Maude and Iris) funny flick Knocked Up, and then worked together again for the comedy This Is 40.

The Heartbreak Kid, Ben Stiller, Jerry Stiller Zade Rosenthal / DreamWorks, LLC.

8. Ben Stiller & Jerry Stiller, The Heartbreak Kid: Here's another father-son duo that have graced the big screen together on multiple projects, two of their most well-known collaborations being The Heartbreak Kid and the famous flick that gave us Blue Steele—Zoolander.

Demi Moore, Rumor Willis, Striptease Columbia Pictures

9. Demi Moore & Rumer Willis, Striptease: The celebuspawn made a number of onscreen appearances during her youth, including a role as Demi's daughter in Striptease, along with working on Moore's projects Now & Then and Bandits.

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