It doesn't sound like Zooey Deschanel will be chowing down on a lot of favorite Thanksgiving Day meals later this month.

During her interview with Jimmy Kimmel last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the New Girl actress explained her very unusual feelings about the Turkey Day holiday.

"I love Thanksgiving for the family togetherness," she dished. "I don't love the food, which is what most people love. I understand it's controversial."

How controversial?

"I actually love my family, don't like Thanksgiving food," she continued. "Let me just lay it out. Most of it's beige or gray, which I don't find appetizing."

"You have turkey, which is beige," Deschanel argued. "Stuffing, beige. Mashed potatoes, off-white. Pumpkin pie is like orange-beige. It's a lot of beige. I just don't really like beige food. I have a problem with the color scheme."

Deschanel's Thanksgiving Day vendetta didn't stop there. "Stuffing is just like salty, wet, soggy bread," she explained. "I'd rather have like a piece of bread that's not salty or wet [and] hasn't been stuffed in a turkey cavity. Call me crazy."

As for the turkey, she went on, "I'm OK with that, I'm not against turkey, but I just feel like if we're talking about poultry, there are superior…chicken and duck are better. I'm sorry. Chicken's, like, a lot better."

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