Sons of Anarchy, Katey Sagal

Prashant Gupta/FX

Katey Sagal used to be unrecognizable when she wasn't in Peg Bundy mode.

That is most certainly no longer the case.

"Now, it's more about Gemma. I did used to get it all the time, but no so much anymore," the actress—who was previously best known for playing big-haired Peg on Married With Children and now provides the at-times-steely heart of Sons of Anarchy as the queen of old ladies, Gemma Teller—told Billboard in a recent interview.

And even though SoA's ever-darkening subject matter could be what's keeping the show off the podium come Emmys time, Sagal is fiercely proud and protective of the FX hit.

"I believe that as violent as the show tends to be, and gritty as it tends to be, it's also got a lot of heart," Sagal, whose husband is Sons creator Kurt Sutter, continued to Billboard

"It's about a group of outsiders. I think that anarchists are trying to make their way going against the grain. I think everybody has that side of them. I think it speaks to that. I think it's got a big ‘real people' following. Not only is it entertainment, but people invest in it."

And not only does Sagal have a new generation of fans worshipping her warped domesticity, she's also got a platform upon which to practice her other craft.

"Every season I sing at least one song in the soundtrack," she revealed for the more casual Sons fans out there. "My husband, who writes the show, and Bob, who does the music, came up with great covers for me to do. I was on that track, doing covers on the show, so I thought I would continue that. It's been great."

Her new album, Covered, featuring songs that have inspired her in life, drops this week.

"I've been playing these gigs around, and there's a really great response," the 59-year-old actress, who used to sing backup for Bob Dylan, said. "It's not what I thought would happen, but it's kind of like everything in my life—that seems to be the pattern. I just have to keep getting out of the way, and stuff just happens."

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