Colin Farrell

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Is Colin Farrell hoping for another baby in his future?

As fans prepare to watch the 37-year-old raise a young daughter in Disney's latest film Saving Mr. Banks, we had to ask the proud father of two if his parenting skills on the big screen could extend to his home life one more time.

"Oh, I don't know man," Farrell told E! News' Ali Fedotowsky while promoting Banks. "I may have tied that particular rope, put a knot on it for now."

Instead, the actor admits he is perfectly content with his two amazing sons.

"I have two boys that I'm so happy with and I adore," Farrell said.

His older son, James, also requires a little bit more love and affection from his dad. The young boy suffers from a condition called Angelman syndrome, a genetic disorder that is characterized by seizures, sleeping problems and developmental disability.

"His way of processing the world is very particular," Farrell said. [He] is a little more particular than most."

To hear more about Colin's amazing life as a father including his sons' fascination with Disney movies, watch E! News tonight at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. 

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