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Tom Hanks Doesn't Think He Has a "Mustache Face"—Watch Him Explain!

Tom Hanks Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

At first we wondered why Tom Hanks had a mustache. Then we found out why. Then we got used to it. But then he moved on to other things and shaved. And now it's noticeably absent!

"Oh gosh, this is not a mustache face, I'm sorry!" the actor laughed with E! News on the red carpet at the AFI Film Festival's opening night gala screening of Saving Mr. Banks, in which he plays the mustachioed Walt Disney, last night at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre.

"This was one of the most seriously planned out, examined, discussed mustaches in history," the now clean-shaven Hanks admited. "There was a lot of discussion about this mustache."

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But going the extra mile to play Disney in the film, about the apparently dramatic and heartwarming (considering they made a movie about it) effort to bring Mary Poppins to the big screen, turned out to be well worth it.

"You know, I only worked on the movie probably not even a third of the film," Hanks explained. "But you dress up as Walt Disney and walk onto the set...Well, guess what? The waves part for you. There's an awful lot of gravitas that goes up with saying, 'I am here.'"

Hmm, that may have been because he's Tom Hanks, but...Walt Disney. Sure, fine. 

Keep watching to find out which Disney movie song is Hanks' favorite—and even see him sing a few bars (with accent, naturally)!

—Reporting by Katie Rhames

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