Porsha Stewart is being put through the ringer with her divorce to former NFL star Kordell Stewart on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, a fact that is made brutally clear in this exclusive sneak peek from the next episode.

In the clip, Porsha is venting to Kandi Burruss about the emotional turmoil she's experiencing while splitting from her husband. After a shocking deposition where she revealed that she suspected Kordell to be gay, she's packing up her belongings and attempting to move on, a step that Kandi believes to be in her best interest.

"You're young. Y'all didn't have any children together, and he showed you an awful side of him," Kandi tells her. "This way, you can break away and keep on moving and you don't have any attachments to him. You're young, you're good-looking. You can catch somebody else that will treat you right, love you very well."

Porsha's response to that is positively heartbreaking. She even likens her divorce to "a death in the family."

"I don't want to hate him because for some crazy reason, I do still love him," Porsha admits. "I need closure. Right now it's like somebody has died and  you can't find their body, so you don't have closure. Divorces feel like a death in the family. It's the ending of something that I wanted for the rest of my life."

Watch the emotional clip above to see Porsha pour her heart out to Kandi.

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday evenings on Bravo.

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