Zoo Aquarium of Madrid Giant Panda

Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

Pandas these days—they grow up so fast! 

Mei Xiang, a giant panda at the Smithsonian National Zoo, gave birth to a cub on Aug. 23 and, per Chinese tradition, the baby is to be named after 100 days. Which is quickly approaching.

The panda cub weighs 8.14 pounds and is almost ready to take her first steps, Smithsonian reports. And the U.S. Ambassador to China, the People's Republic of China Ambassador to the United States and zoo officials have narrowed down the possible names to five.

And they want you to vote.

Here are the options:

Bao Bao (which means "precious" or "treasure")

Ling Hua (which means "darling" or "delicate flower")

Long Yun (literally translated to "charming dragon." The Smithsonian site says the name will "represent a sign of luck for panda cooperation between China and the United States.")

Mulan (like the movie, based off the legend of the Chinese warrior)

Zhen Bao (which means "treasure" or "valuable")

(For comparison, the Zoo Atlanta panda twins just turned 100 days and were named Mei Lun and Mei Huan. You can watch an adorable time-lapse video chronicling their first 100 days.)

Seeing as our choice (Blue Ivy) didn't make the cut, we vote Long Yun.

Voting ends Nov. 22, and the baby's name will be announced Dec. 1.

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