Tom Hiddleston, Slumber Party


If there is a human being more adorable than Tom Hiddleston, he has yet to be found.

Hiddleston is deep into a press tour for Thor: The Dark World, which means every day brings a new interview with Loki himself. And in every interview he is more adorable than the last (here are 18 times he has been adorable so far). 

Today brings possibly his best interview yet: A slumber party with MTV's Josh Horowitz.

This is how you conduct an interview with Tom Hiddleston for maximum adorableness.

1. Ask the tough questions (i.e. "Have you ever seen Chris Hemsworth naked?")

2. Invite Tom Hiddleston into the joke. Have a pillow fight with Tom Hiddleston.

3. Ask Tom Hiddleston to dance. Always ask Tom Hiddleston to dance.

Tom Hiddleston GIF

This is our new favorite dance move, called "snake hips."

Three easy-to-follow rules. Simple enough, right?

NEWS: Thor: The Dark World reviews are inTom Hiddleston steals the show!

In contrast, here is how not to conduct an interview with Tom Hiddleston:

Courtesy of Australian morning show Wake Up's Sam Mac.

1. Do not try to shock and awe Tom Hiddleston by showing him Tumblr fanart porn.

2. Do not leave Tom Hiddleston out of the joke, especially if it is a lame "prank."

3. Do not not ask Tom Hiddleston to dance. Always ask Tom Hiddleston to dance.

Instead of adorable, you get an awkward. And nobody wants an awkward Tom Hiddleston.

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