Karl Lagerfeld

Pascal Le Segretain, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We know Karl Lagerfeld is obsessed with his cat, Choupette, but turns out, there's another reason why the fashion designer doesn't own a dog: He's too famous to walk down the street.

No, seriously.

During a Q&A session at the Lincoln Center in New York as part of an Evening Honoring Karl Lagerfeld, hosted by the Chanel designer's pal Jessica Chastain, the 80-year-old style guru gushed over his furry friend and shared why his Persian pet is the perfect companion. 

"She's helped me to become a nicer person," he said (as reported by the Daily Mail). "There's something very touching about her. Even if she is spoiled beyond."

But in true Lagerfeld fashion, he didn't stop there, adding that he prefers his cat—who, according to Lagerfeld, dines with him at the dinner table and even knows how to use an iPad—because dogs require too much work.

"You need a country house, and you need to walk them in the street," he explained. "I cannot walk in the street anymore, I'm too easy to recognize. In the age of cellphones, it's not a pleasant thing."

Of course, that's hardly the craziest thing that has come out of Mr. Lagerfeld's mouth!

So take a look through all of the designer's craziest quotes—and then hit the comments with your favorite!

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