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This Woman Baked a Life-Size Cake of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow Cake Courtesy: Tasty Cakes

You know how your aunt always says Johnny Depp looks so delicious she could just eat him up?

Well, we don't even want to know what she would do to this "almost life-size" cake of Captain Jack Sparrow. At 5 feet, 5 inches tall, the cake is "just shy of life-size" because the baker was "worried we wouldn't be able to get him out of the door."

The baker is Lara Clarke of Brownshill, West Midlands, in England and she is entering the cake into Cake International's competition in Birmingham tomorrow. We hope the judges are Pirates of the Caribbean fans.

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Johnny Depp, Jack Sparrow Cake Courtesy: Tasty Cakes

"One of my friends was on the phone and said I should enter Cake International," Lara told the BBC. "I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean...I thought [Depp] would make the perfect cake."

Lara only started baking two years ago, after learning the craft from YouTube tutorials. 

"It took me 90 hours to make," Lara revealed. "We live with my fiancé's parents and I think they will be pleased to get rid of it. When my father-in-law first saw [the cake], he leapt about 10 feet in the air thinking we had burglars."

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The cake is made of "crisped rice and marshmallows" decorated with royal and fondant icing as well as edible paint, constructed around PVC pipes and stainless steel supports. If that does not sound delicious, you are not meant to eat it anyway. 

"The cake is designed to be looked at, rather than eaten," Lara admits, continuing, "I started it in September so it's probably past its best."

Her cake-ography also includes the Grinch, Yoda and Miley Cyrus

Johnny Depp, Miley Cyrus Cake Courtesy: Tasty Cakes

Who is just missing a crisped rice and marshmallow tongue. Otherwise, it's perfect.

(H/T Buzzfeed)

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