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Project Runway All Stars Blog: Zanna Roberts Rassi Grades the Best and Worst Looks of Episode 3!

Project Runway All Stars Season 3, Zanna Roberts Rassi Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for The WEinstein Company

Editor's Note: Senior fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine and E! News fashion contributor Zanna Roberts Rassi is blogging exclusively on E! Online about the current season of Project Runway All Stars, giving her reactions and spilling behind-the-scenes secrets.

Designers come out of their shells this week, the banter flows and personalities shine as the drinks are sip-sip slurped!

This week designers are challenged to create a cocktail dress inspired by a specialty cocktail which they chose (and drank plenty of!) at Jay Z's 40/40 club.

To be fair, I think this was one of the harder challenges and with only $100 budget in mood a tough task. My thoughts on the final runway looks... 

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Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Christopher: This was SO sheer when I first saw it! Thankfully he double lined it but I could still see right through the '20s inspired dress. However saying this, it was the chicest looking curtain I've ever seen. 

Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Viktor: I know from first speaking with a designer if they are on to a good thing...Victor exudes confidence when I walk over to him and on seeing the top of the paneled printed dress, I know it's a success in the making. I love the final result. 

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Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Jeffrey: I was so pleased to hear Alyssa pull him up for answering back. It's been a gripe of mine since the beginning. He would benefit from listening more. Sadly, his choice of fabric was old fashioned for me and the look was over. 

Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Korto: Has come out of her shell. What began as what I mistook for her attitude (which was probably nerves) is now fun and feisty banter. And as for the dress? Thank Godness for the belt. It made no sense without. 

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Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Elena: Forgive me for being ignorant, but what has this structured futuristic number got to do with Sardinia?  failed in keeping her on track (again)! But apparently the judges didn't seem to notice as they get carried away with the perfectly placed cutouts and intense seaming. As for the Deja vu factor...I will let the judges be the judges on that. 

Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Melissa: This was NOT my least favorite look and I'm sad to see Melissa go. Perhaps she set herself up for a failure by choosing suede to work with but she manipulated it expertly and it fit the model like a glove. I thought it was modern and the color head turning. Good luck Melissa, you have a bright future! 

Project Runway All Stars David M. Russell/AETN

Seth: Where did Hemingway come in to this? Sexy graphic—not new from him but an OK dress. 

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