Tiger Cub, Kid, Calvin and Hobbes

Marshall Shaffer/YouTube; Bill Watterson

Get your "Awwww!"s ready, people.

This is a video of a 2-year-old old named Marshall, playing with a Sumatran tiger cub named Kali at the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Wash. (FYI, they are "playing" through glass so you don't have to worry about the video taking a dark turn.) Cute, right?

Oh, by the way Marshall is also wearing a tiger costume. Yeah, it just got even cuter.


It's like a real-life Calvin and Hobbes!

The video is also cute for a cause, explaining, "The world's tigers are vanishing from the wild at an alarming rate. Poaching and human encroachment on tiger habitat are pushing these magnificent animals toward extinction."

You can learn about donating to the cause on YouTube

So, did you "Awww!"? Of course you did.

(H/T Daily Picks and Flicks)

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