Wanna see Michelle Tanner's go-go dancer pal in action? You got it, dude!

But former Full House child star Blake McIver is actually singing (and flaunting his physique, too!) in a music video for his first single, "Wish I Didn't Need You." (Sorry if you were expecting a full go-go dance routine—how rude, right?)

The clip shows the Little Rascals alum, his amazing cheekbones and superfit body in a variety of locales—including the mountains, a quaint neighborhood, a rooftop and an abandoned warehouse, to boot. (The Full House home in San Francisco would've been a cute touch, but alas, it's not there.) Blake, now 28, also incorporates several ensembles into the mix, including fitted pants paired with a denim vest (while shirtless!), a gray mesh top, a quintessential tight white T-shirt and a button-down.

Blake McIver Ewing

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's former costar also has a very handsome love interest in his "Wish I Didn't Need You" video, although the lyrics allude to a less-than-perfect relationship between the two, he still gets in some quality makeout sessions throughout the clip!

As for the song itself? It has a bit of a Disney vibe to it, and the boy is not afraid to go for those high notes! And Blake was able to launch his music career thanks to his past year as a go-go dancer, telling RumorFix, "The tips were good. In fact, I raised so much money I was able to finish my record—mission accomplished."

Blake McIver, I Wish I Didn't Need You


But does he regret that time spent dancing in the club? No way, Jose! He found the experience "so liberating and empowering," explaining, "I had so much shame about my body. This was a way to express myself that was safe, sensual and fun."

Good for him! Now, think either of the Olsen twins would be up for a twerk-off?

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