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New mom makeover?

According to the Grazia Kate Middleton may be switching up her signature style very soon. Sources reportedly tell the British publication that the Duchess of Cambridge has been receiving fashion advice from an old friend: Interior designer Emilia Jardine-Paterson.

Emilia was chosen to be one of Prince Gorge's godparents (there are seven total) and also has been lending her keen style eye to the royals by assisting in decorating Kensington Palace.

While the BFFs have been fixing up the Duke and Duchess's new home, Emilia has been trying to influencing the new mom's famous style.

"[Emilia] is trying to move Kate away from the Middleton neutral palate and push her towards colour or pattern," a source told the magazine. "Emilia loves vintage and tries to get Kate to be a bit more quirky."

So far, it looks like her advice hasn't had too much of an impact. Kate has stuck to her usual simple yet chic look since giving birth four months ago. If, however, the duchess does start opting for jewel tones and animal prints, we'll know she's taken her longtime friend's advice to heart.

Do you think Kate should switch up her style?

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