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About Time: Five Ways Rachel McAdams' Latest RomCom Is Worth Yours

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After another terrible New Year's party, 21-year-old Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) finds out from his dear old dad (the awesome Bill Nighy) that all the men in the family have the ability to travel through time: specifically, their own (they can't change history though.) And what does Tim want to do with his newfound ability? Get a girlfriend, naturally.

Sadly, that turns out not to be as easy. The film does turn out to be very funny and above all, extremely heartwarming, so bring lots of tissues.

Fun fact: Domhnall is the son of Brendan Gleeson, who played "MadEye" Moody in the Harry Potter series!  The dramedy also stars the always charming Rachel McAdams, Lydia Wilson and Lindsay Duncan.

Here are five ways Richard Curtis's About Time is definitely worth yours:

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About Time Universal Pictures

1. Always a Time Traveler's Wife Never the Time Traveler. McAdams and Eric Bana fell in love a lot in the film based on the bestseller. Mary (McAdams) has an undeniable spark with Tim so we understand why anyone would want to repeat events with her over and over. But would McAdams ever tamper with time herself? Maybe she could be the new companion on Doctor Who? The TARDIS awaits...

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About Time Universal Pictures

2. Magical Realism. Ever since Like Water For Chocolate, several love stories have fared well with a touch of the unbelievable. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jim Carrey needed memory wipes to remain with/without blue-haired love, Kate Winslet. MR uses extraordinary plot devices as a fun short cut to interesting character dilemmas, but they aren't big on explanations. Tim learns from his pop that all he needs to time travel is to find a dark place, clench his fists and imagine a past time. That's it. How exactly this works is not important so don't over think it!

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About Time Universal Pictures

3. Kate Moss, So Cheeky! One of the many qualities that makes Mary so adorable is she's a cool American who's obsessed with the former Calvin Klein model. Tim visits a Kate Moss retrospective by fashion photographer Mario Testino in the hopes of talking to Mary for yet another "first time." Just remember that bangs are called fringes, bud.

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About Time Universal Pictures

4. Charlotte: The One That Got Away. For months, we've watched the Aussie born Margot Robbie call Leonardo DiCaprio daddy (as in, "sexy daddy") in The Wolf of Wall Street trailer. As Tim's first crush, Charlotte (Robbie) is definitely restart time worthy.

About Time Universal Pictures

5. His Last, Actually? Writer/director Richard Curtis has only directed three films, and three might be enough. Curtis still has several scripts in the works, but he might be ready to retire from the whole "directing" thing. Like Tim, Curtis has realized he wants to savor more of his life, which means more time spent with his wife and children and less time spent on movie sets. If About Time really is his last, be thankful that the film is as unforgettable as Love, Actually.

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