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Olivia Pope's Black and White Gown on Scandal—All the Details!

Kerry Washington, Scandal, Rubin Singer Dress ABC

There is plenty to talk about from tonight's Scandal, but over here at The Trend there was one item topping our must-discuss agenda: Olivia Pope's gorgeous black and (cream) white dress.

The silk strapless gown—which Kerry Washington's character paired with her signature long gloves—is by American designer Rubin Singer. And get this: You can actually purchase it Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores. Well, okay it might set you make a little bit, after all, it's a costs $3,875.

Although this is the first gown we've seen Olivia in season three, the look continues her long established black and white trend, which (in addition to her famous coats) includes a Michael Kors sheath and an Escada dress. The latter look also featured a geometric pattern which emphasized her curves similar to the Rubin Singer creation.

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Kerry Washington, Scandal, Rubin Singer Dress ABC

When we chatted with the ABC show's costume designer, Lyn Paolo, a few weeks ago she shared that she likes the color combo because it represents the Capitol Hill fixer's internal struggle:

"We play with black and white a lot on the show because it represents her conflicts. 'Am I good? Am I bad? What have I done?,'" Lyn said. 

Olivia's been wearing a lot of blue shades this season—so it was nice to see her hit a glam slam in her signature gladiator color palette.

Did you like Olivia's black and white gown?

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