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    Mike Tyson Says He's "Worried About" Chris Brown, Tells Singer to "Get It Together"

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    Mike Tyson, Chris Brown
    Mike Tyson, Chris Brown Getty Images

    Mike Tyson has some sage advice for Chris Brown. Yes, really.

    The former heavyweight champion, who has gone through his own public struggles, spoke about the "Fine China" singer during a radio interview with 95.5 PLJ Morning Show Tuesday.

    "I'm worried about him, because he's really a sweet kid," he shared.

    "I like and admire that little guy," Tyson said. "[But] if keeps getting [involved in] these violent cases, they're gonna put him somewhere where that's all they do is assault people."

    The retired boxer added, "Chris should know this…if you're not humble in this world, this world will thrust humbleness upon you."

    Tyson also said flat-out that the 24-year-old singer needs to "get it together" and keep his emotions in check in order to avoid further run-ins with the law.

    NEWS: Chris Brown released from jail

    Chris Brown AP Photo/ Evan Vucci

    "He needs to understand that eventually if you keep doing that stuff that people will turn on you," he said on the radio program.

    Even Tyson, who has had his own history of public legal woes including serving three years in prison on a rape conviction, saw the irony in offering advice to Brown during the interview.

     "I can't even believe that I'm saying this," he said while laughing.

    Brown was arrested for allegedly punching a man in the face in Washington, D.C. over the weekend and was charged with simple misdemeanor assault.

    He is due back in court on Nov. 25, and has been ordered to stay away from the alleged victim 20-year-old Parker Isaac Adams, in the meantime. 

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