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Check Out These Photos of Damon Wayans Jr. on New Girl and Try Not to Get Giddy...

New Girl Adam Taylor/FOX

Is it just us, or seeing Damon Wayans Jr.. back on New Girl is like watching all the planets align into the face of Jesus?

OK, so it's not that miraculous. But still, three years after Wayans left the series after only one episode, Fox has released a bunch of new photos of his character, Coach, back in the mix, restoring our faith that some TV wrongs can be righted.

We were there on set for Wayans' return (his first episode airs Nov. 5), and here are five things you New Girl fans need to know:

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New Girl Adam Taylor/FOX

1. Coach Is Moving Back In: As you may remember, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) moved out of the loft, allllll the way to the apartment next door (sob!!), and his bedroom is free. Turns out Coach (Wayans) has broken up with his ladylove—the one he left the loft for in the first place—and he becomes the fourth roommate again. Fun fact: He doesn't remember Jess (Zooey Deschanel). At all. Take that, adorkableness!

New Girl Adam Taylor/FOX

2. Coach Brings the Party: Though Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt and Winston (Lamorne Morris) have mellowed since Coach left, the original fourth roommate insists on some hardcore bro party time, and the guys go out for a night of partying. If you're thinking this won't end well, you should call your high school nemesis right now and brag how smart you are.

New Girl Adam Taylor/FOX

3. There Will Be Drinking. And singing. And did we mention drinking? And that some of these guys cannot hold their liquor?

New Girl Adam Taylor/FOX

4. And Karate Moves. Suffice to say, the guys are going to get into some trouble, and...Damon Wayans Jr. could benefit from his own Mr. Miyagi.

New Girl Adam Taylor/FOX

5. And Trouble for Nick and Jess. While Nick is distracted by all these bro-rager shenanigans, some guy who bares an uncanny resemblance to Taye Diggs swoops in and starts putting the moves on Jess. Oh wait! No, crap, that totally is Taye Diggs. Wow. I bet he pays his taxes. And we can also tell you, his character owns a coffee shop. Sexy and successful? Nick is so screwed!

Only silver lining? Taye Diggs is on for a limited run of episodes. Ditto Damon Wayans Jr., but from what we hear, he could be sticking around for the long haul.

Anyone else looking forward to Wayans' return?

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