Willie, Duck Dynasty without beards

A&E Networks / Courtesy of the Robertson family

What a difference a bit (OK, a lot) of facial hair makes!

The stars of Duck Dynasty, A&E's smash hit series revolving around the Robertson family and their duck call business, are known for their great big bushy beards as much as they're known for their small screen antics. In fact, if you want to go as one of the guys for Halloween, you either have to go back in time to a year ago and start growing the beard, or you better start finding some hair to stick to your face. Might we suggest shaving your head and gluing it to your chin? That can't go wrong.

Anyway, if you thought you would never recognize the Duck Dynasty cast without their beards, you're right. And to prove it, we've gathered up some photos of the men BFH, or before facial hair. The difference is astonishing. Check out the pics and tell us how you prefer your Duck Dynasty men: bearded or smooth.

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