Justin Timberlake, Riley Keough, TKO Music Video


For Justin Timberlake, it's both the best of times and the worst of times.

At least when it comes to what he finds himself going through in the new music video for his latest single "TKO."

One second the singer's cuddling on the couch with actress Riley Keough, the next second he's tied to the back of Keough's pickup truck and being dragged by her down a dark, dirt road at a high-speed.

One second Timberlake is having a hot makeout session with Keough in the kitchen, the next second she's taking a frying pan to his head.

All this, while wearing a pretty sharp ensemble by AllSaints.

Throughout the tune, Timberlake sings such lyrics as, "I'm out for the count, yeah, girl, you knock me out, It's just a TKO" and "This ain't the girl I used to know."

You think?

The "TKO" music video comes a little more than a month after the song's release.

It's the second track off Timberlake's latest album, The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2.

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