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Ohio State Marching Band Performs Medley of Movie Theme Songs in the Most Impressive Halftime Show We Have Ever Seen

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Oh, your marching band knows what the fox says? They can spell out "BRITNEY" while performing the hits of Britney Spears? That's cute. That's real cute.

Ohio State's marching band turned into a dinosaur and ate someone.

While playing Penn State over the weekend, Ohio State performed a medley of movie theme songs, including Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (H/T Deadspin). They also accompanied the music with the most impressive band formations we have ever seen.

The Ohio State Marching Band
The Ohio State Marching Band YouTube

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It's impossible to put into words how impressive this is. The dinosaur! Harry Potter flying on a broomstick during a quidditch match! Clark Kent running into a phone booth and returning as Superman to save the day! Just watch it for yourself  (or, at the very least, check out the GIFs).

So impressive. Just so, so impressive.

They even found time to diss their rival, the University of Michigan:

Ohio State Marching Band GIF

They weren't even playing Michigan! That's dedication.

After watching that, there is no way anyone cares who actually won the football game* because the Ohio State marching band won everything.

(*Some people may care who won the football game. In which case, Ohio State did. 63-14.)

The weekend before, the Buckeyes' band performed a halftime tribute to Michael Jackson and moonwalked. Not individually, which would be impressive enough. Again, you're better off just watching:

What will they come up with next?

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