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TV Couples, I Love Lucy, Bones, Saved by the Bell, Glee, One Tree Hill


It may be called the sweet 16, but this competition is anything but!

Our Best TV Couple of All Time Tournament is heating up, with 16 classic and current couples still in the running to be crowned the boob tube's most epic love story. 

Round two saw the ousting of several fan favorite pairings, including Veronica Mars' Logan and Veronica (Sorry, LoVe!), Gilmore Girl's Luke and Lorelai and Grey's Anatomy's Mark and Lexie. And the time has come to eliminate another eight couples...

How I Met Your Mother's two couples, Marshall and Lily and Robin and Barney, are both still left in the competition, while Friends' Ross and Rachel and Monica Chandler are also going strong. Some of the other couples duking it out in this round? I Love Lucy's Ricky and Lucy, The Vampire Diaries' Damon and Elena, Saved By the Bell's Zack and Kelly and Glee's Finn and Rachel. An eclectic mix, indeed!

Remember, this round closes Tuesday, Oct. 29 at 9 p.m., so make sure to vote often for your favorite TV couple, which is counting on you to prove that their love is the small magical box's strongest! 

And remember to play nice! Ain't nobody got time for fandom wars, y'all!